Antónia Mussache


Antónia Mussache, also know as She is Awake, is a writer, blogger, and environmental activist from Angola. Born in Angola, she and her family moved to Portugal during the Angolan civil war when she was six years old in search of a better life. Antonia’s personal journey led her to realize the importance of slow and sustainable living, and she now advocates for these principles through her blog: She is Awake.

Through her work, Antonia to raise awareness and educate others about different lifestyles that are both environmentally responsible and fulfilling.

In addition to her blogging, Antónia is also the founder of Zero Angola, a community-based project aimed at reducing poverty through sustainable products. 

In her professional life, Antónia has over 4 years of experience in the information technology and project management fields, with a focus on marketing and research. She has worked in the markets of England, Wales, and Portugal and has a passion for using her skills and expertise to make a positive impact in the world.

Personal Stories

A unique glimpse into her life experiences and the lessons Antónia has learned along the way.


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