Attending the Wild Women event, hosted by Fernanda Botelho and Alex Bennett of The Quinta by Kismet, was an experience like no other. As a trailblazing woman in the environmental movement, it was an honor to come together with 11 other women to share in a gastronomic experience based on ancient and ecological principles. The event was all about bringing our voices together and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature.


Foraging in Nature: Discovering Edible Wild Plants

The day began with a foraging walk along the untouched coastal landscape of Azenhas do Mar, where we learned about edible wild herbs and plants. We collected ingredients and prepared them together on the fire, using our intuition and blending our ancestral knowledge with our modern understanding of environmental practices.

The process of preparing, cooking, and sharing food together was not only a sacred and ancient practice, but it also brought us all closer together as a group. We were able to unify and bring new ideas to the table, sharing our own perspectives and experiences within the environmental movement.

Sharing Food and Ideas: Uniting Over a Meal

The menu was truly a reflection of the natural world around us, with freshly infused drinks made from the herbs and flowers we foraged, a wild leek soup with wild carrots, sea fennel, and nettles, and a rustic flatbread cooked on the fire or in fig leaves with poppy seeds and wild onion. We also enjoyed a wild pesto, a salad of sea fennel, nasturtium seeds, and wild fennel, as well as dehydrated mixed leaf chips, and grilled wild leeks and spinach.

Reflections Around the Fire: Conversations on Sustainability and the Environment

As we dined together overlooking the sea, we shared our reflections and experiences around the fire. The entire event was a celebration of sustainability, connection, and the beauty of the natural world around us.

Attending the Wild Women event was a truly special experience. It reminded me of the importance of coming together as a community to share in our knowledge and passion for the environment, and it showed me the true power of sustainable living and connecting with the natural world.

The 12 Wild Womens: Fernanda Botelho/ Joana Limão / Ana Varela / Catarina Pinto /Catia curica/Margarida Villas Boa/ Ambientalista Imperfeita/ Mariana Santos/ Muda Tuga /Rita Tapadinhas/ binatangerina/ Ana Pego /Antónia Mussache

Creator of the slow living and sustainability blog: She is Awake and NGO founder.


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