Meet the Cause: “The Green Drop”

Meet ‘The Green Drop’ movement, one of Swiss’ most notable environmental conservation charities. The Green Drop (TGD) is a nonprofit organization whose main objective is to empower the people on the need to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Why the Green Drop? This group believes individual effort however small it is, when collectively brought together eventually amounts to something huge. It is therefore being used metaphorically in reference to the little, individual sustainable contributions that often goes unnoticeable.


TGD creates awareness on the impacts certain human activities have on our environment. Most of the challenges the world is facing have been attributed to the poor understanding of what sustainability truly pertains. Therefore, it becomes imperative to educate the masses on the need to coexist within safe social, cultural and environmental constrains. Through this, TGD movement hopes to define clear objectives, allay some fears and opposition regarding certain sustainability policies. This way, the fight for a sustainable future shall be rejuvenated.


Their course is motivated by the connection they have developed for the environment. Their passion for the environment has been so strong that it has led them to choose a low impact sustainable life characterized by: composting organic wastes, reusing and recycling products among other waste management strategies.


The Green Drop movement was founded in 2017 by two Swiss women, Estelle and Eleonore. Thrilled by the nature, the two became passionate about the environment. It is out of this that their bond with the environment developed. They decided to change the society by influencing our way of living. Out of it came The Green Drop, a charity organization that is initiating objectivity on matters sustainability.

TGD’s Role in Switzerland’s path towards a sustainable future.

Switzerland has become a home for numerous local and international not-for-profit organizations owing to the serene environment they provide, that favors the thriving of such institutions. The Green Drop has been essential and as such help influence certain corporate decisions by advocating for sustainable lifestyles through adoption of waste reduction techniques and environmental conservation in general.

Their zero-waste plant-based food recipes is one of their many strategies employed to curb food wastages. According to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a third of the food produced globally either get lost or is wasted along the supply line. Almost half of this occur during the consumption stages. So, this really illustrates the magnitude of the matter and how important TGD’s hack can be if largely adopted.  Apart from this, the green drop also offers health related tips on regular basis. This is just in line with their objective of impacting the way we live sustainably.

How to help

Are you considerate about the environment and wish to help? Join their crowdfunding campaign today and make your donation. It is only by pulling together that we can make the world a better place not only for ourselves, but also for the generations to come. They say: Little drops create a big wave.


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