Being Enough Guided Journal
Sustainability, self care, slow living
Sustainability, self care, slow living
Being Enough a guided journal

Being Enough Guided Journal

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This practical journal cuts to the heart of the problem by allowing how to reconnect with your inner self through introspection, and contemplation of what’s truly important.

You don’t have to be more, or do more, or buy more to be whom you are meant to be.

Plenty of space for free journaling. Write, doodle or just keep going with your daily gratitude

Build self-awareness.

Easy to use, you will discover how to reflect on yourself, your emotions, and how to access the need to consume. It’s not about pursuing happiness for the sake of it but rather about bringing meaningful practices into your day so that you can best equip yourself to ride the rollercoaster that is life.


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Being Enough Guided Journal

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  1. Luisa (verified owner)

    So I have been using my journal for a while now and I am absolutely loving it!

    It keeps me positively focused and I find I am navigating my days with ease due to the science and positivity that this journal provides!

    I also gave one as a gift to my friend and they say the same thing! 😜👍

  2. Hanna Flockhart

    Journaling with the ‘Being enough journal’ has been very helpful. As a psychotherapist I engage in regular reflection as part of my self-care program. To have the ‘Being enough journal’ took this reflection to a deeper lever. I was able to gain clearer self-understanding and draw insights for my life. I’m a firm believer by doing the inside work, positive results show up on the outside. By doing the inner work of reflecting with the ‘Being enough journal’ in my outside world I noticed my psychotherapy work becoming more effective and for me to show up more fully for my daughter.
    The journal reflects Cognitive Behavioural Therapy principles. I would recommend the journal to anyone who is ready to more their inner and outer world to the next level of reaching their potential.

    Hanna Flockhart
    Cognitive Behavioural Therapist MA UK

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