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Natural Loofah


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The loofah, Luffa cylindrica[Luffa aegyptiaca], has been cultivated in tropical countries since ancient times. The young fruits of the sweet variety are sometimes used for food but the fruits are mainly important for their fibrous skeletons which are used for oil and water filters, sponges, shock absorbers, sound-proof linings and numerous other industrial purposes. The sap and other parts of the plant are used in some countries in medicinal and toilet preparations. Notes are here given on the history, distribution and cultivation of the plant, its uses, diseases and pests, trade requirements and possibilities of improvement by breeding.

Use in the kitchen, in the bath, on your body or to clean! They are super versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. Best of all our 100% natural loofah’s are compostable to help promote a zero-waste lifestyle.

Loofah helps slough away dry, rough skin · Regular exfoliation keeps your skin looking radiant and healthy · Works great on elbows and knee.


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