Now that it’s the wintertime, I’ve had to up my DIY skin care routine due to increased dryness and irritation. At first, it seemed like a chore, but skin care has now become something I find very meditative and relaxing. Being able to source many of these ingredients directly from the earth has allowed me to appreciate the beauty of doing things myself naturally while reaping the benefits of plant healing power.

So…where to begin? Walking into the skin care aisle in any store can feel overwhelming, as there are so many different brands that use complex ingredients. The packaging on a bottle might be cute, but it’s difficult to be certain if the excess chemical additives are helping or hurting your case.

As someone who has struggled with hormonal acne, dark marks, and scars for most of my life, I have tried everything under the sun to heal my skin. After spending hundreds of dollars on various products and regimens over the years, I began studying natural holistic DIY skin care with organic ingredients. Not only have I found this to be more sustainable for my budget and lifestyle, but my skin finally feels amazing. Most of these ingredients are easily accessible, so you can purchase them from your local grocery store or simply start a small herb garden on your patio.[…]


Full article available at The Herbal Academy .

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