Simple Affordable Swaps to Reduce waste – Personal hygiene swaps

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Bamboo toothbrush

When it’s time to replace your toothbrush, think about purchasing a bamboo one next time. Not only are bamboo toothbrushes biodegradable and only take about six months to degrade in landfill in comparison to plastic toothbrushes which usually take more than 100 years to degrade in landfill. They also use significantly less resources while being made in comparison to their plastic counterparts

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Reusable food wrap

This is a very convenient choice for many people who want to quickly cover their food and keep it fresh. However the plastic that this is made from is very harmful to the environment as this type of plastic cannot be recycled so it is left to clutter landfill. This is why alternatives like soy wax wrap and reusable containers are much better for keeping your food fresh and the environment clean. They are both just as convenient, the only difference is that there will be less waste!

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Reusable pads/ menstrual cups

Now, this is for all of the people that have that time of the month. It usually comes along with mood swings, fatigue, chocolate cravings..the list goes on, but it no longer has to come along with waste. On average, women use approximately 20 pads every time they have their period, so that’s about 240 pads a year! However, this doesn’t have to be the case! There are products like period underwear, that feel almost as if you’re just wearing normal underwear but absorbs the menstrual blood at the same time, menstrual cups and reusable pads that are just like regular pads but they are able to be washed and reused again!

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Enjoying views of Lisbon

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Shampoo bars and soap bars

So many shampoos and soaps come in unnecessary packaging, lined with thick plastic and with waste written all over them, but enough with the outdated ways of plastic packaging and in with package free! Solid shampoo bars and soaps are just as versatile in scent and purpose as packaged ones! Solid soap also tends to last much longer than liquid soap so you’ll most likely save some money too!