Simple Affordable Swaps to Reduce waste – On the go

Reusable keep cups and water bottles.

With so many beverages available on the go like coffee, iced tea and frappes there is so much wasted packaging. A shocking 16 million coffee cups are estimated to be disposed of each year. A common misconception is that coffee cups can be recycled, however, many coffee cups are lined with plastic so they aren’t able to be recycled. The good news is, there are so many reusable coffee cups/keep cups out there that you can ask the barista to put your coffee in. A reusable drink bottle is also an essential item so that you’re not stuck with buying many plastic water bottles while you’re on the go. There are so many reusable water bottles out there, such as insulated water bottles and lighter water bottles that are more convenient.

Reusable shopping bags/ produce bags

Many countries have already banned plastic bags in supermarkets, providing their own reusable bags that people can take all their groceries in. However, somehow the individual plastic bags that people put fruits and vegetables in seem to still exist. The good thing is though, these can easily be replaced with reusable produce bags. These are convenient and can be used repeatedly


In winter, or even sometimes in summer, it’s not abnormal to get a cold, but what is abnormal, is the amount of tissues in the landfill. Even though tissues are essentially just paper, they are not able to be recycled with snot on them. This is why the handkerchief comes to the rescue. It is reusable and not to mention, a lot more sturdy than tissues which makes them easier items to utilize when you are suffering from a cold.

We hope that with these swaps, you can come closer to enjoying a zero-waste lifestyle!

Shampoo bars and soap bars

So many shampoos and soaps come in unnecessary packaging, lined with thick plastic and with waste written all over them, but enough with the outdated ways of plastic packaging and in with package free! Solid shampoo bars and soaps are just as versatile in scent and purpose as packaged ones! Solid soap also tends to last much longer than liquid soap so you’ll most likely save some money too!

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