In my article, “The Human Cost of Clothes” I highlight several ways the fashion industry significantly contributes to climate change as a leading source of pollution in our world. As a result, it is crucial that we, as a society, rethink how we produce and consume fashion. Here I offer concrete ways for individuals, organizations, and brand leaders to drive the change we need for a better future:  

We are past the awareness stage, so what comes next? 

Change starts with education. The first step to creating a holistically sustainable fashion and textile industry is to learn and understand the business case for sustainability. With more knowledge, change-makers can effectively spread awareness of sustainable practices and help brands avoid the risk of “greenwashing”. Greenwashing refers to brands that make misleading claims about their sustainability. Such claims cause more harm than good. Brands should prioritize real action and transparency for a positive impact.

I had the opportunity to take the SDA Bocconi Sustainable Fashion Branding Program through GetSmarter which allowed me to challenge my knowledge and learn even more about how brands can implement more sustainable practices. 

The Sustainable Fashion Branding Program made it even clearer the importance of carrying out thought-taking production methods in the environment, not forgetting everyone involved in the process, in addition to its way of commercialization. It is still necessary to consider the design, an important aspect that brings the essence of the product, not forgetting the professional behind the creation.

One of the key aspects of this program is the flexibility and as a full-time IT Project manager and part-time blogger to be able to learn at my own pace was truly amazing.

For more information regarding the course, consult:

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